King Medjoul Dates is pleased to offer you premium Medjoul Dates grown and cultivated in Palestin; a superb climate to grow this delicious natural healthy juicy chewy fruit that comes in different sizes and specifications. Choose from an array of sizes ranging from Jumbo, Large, Medium and Small classified using a fully automated sorting line, packaged based on customer’s needs and market requirements in 250gr, 500gr, 1kg, 1.6kg and 5 kg.

From the ancient land of Jericho rich in Palestinian palm farms, we take pride in providing high quality nutritious Medjoul Dates naturally grown, cultivated, processed and packed by Palestinian farmers presented to you under our brand name King Medjoul Premium Dates. From our farm to your home, enjoy these delicious Medjoul Dates hand-picked with Love.


King Medjoul Dates has demonstrated its competitive strength in just a few years’ time.
The company has built itself into the number- one domestic producer of Medjool dates and exports 60% of its output.
Through a combination of investment and brisk business,King Medjoul Dates has created jobs and bolstered Palestine’s highly vulnerable farming sector.